Governor to Announce Speed Limit Increase on Area Highway

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Tomorrow the speed limit will rise from 55 to 65 mph on the stretch of U.S. 68/KY 80 between Bowling Green and Cadiz.

It's about making a trip on this connector between I-65 and I-24 quicker, but thanks to GPS technology and the internet, it may do more than that.

"If you Google the best route from Russellville to Paducah, it will send you to Clarksville. The reason being, to get on Interstate 24 more quickly and enjoy that 70 mile per hour speed limit. If we can enjoy a 65 mile per hour speed limit on 68, we can go straight across to Hopkinsville and to Paducah and on to St. Louis," said Tom Harned, Executive Director of Logan Economic Alliance for Development.

Travelers won't be the only ones looking at that new speed limit sign as a better route.

"What that does for economic development is very important, because companies and businesses will want to locate in places where they can get in and out, and move their goods safely and fast," said Governor Steve Beshear.

Legislators hope this will help existing business, and bring new businesses to the area.

"These nice highway systems like this certainly are an asset when you're trying to recruit industry to locate in your community," said U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield.

With any increase in speed limit, there is a question of safety, one that Governor Beshear said was not overlooked in the process.

"We didn't make this decision until we did some exhaustive studies about traffic... about safety, and our transportation engineers and people were fully satisfied," said Gov. Beshear.

Governor Beshear says engineers felt the wide four-lane road with wide medians could handle the new speed limit.

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