Grant Used To Improve Safety At Railroad Crossings

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. -- More than $2 Million in grants are being used to upgrade safety at railroad crossings around the state, many of which are in south central Kentucky.

"There are 14 in Logan County. Then there are two here in Warren County, and one in Todd County. That comes out to be about half a million dollars in the grant money. It's a match funded grant, so the railroad companies have to match that." stated Wes Watt of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's District 3.

Though many railroad crossings in Warren and Logan Counties have high tech safety features, there are plenty of railroad crossings across the state of Kentucky that lack technology. Such as no red light, or an arm that drops down when a train is near.

"A couple years ago I was driving by and a car in front of me was speeding. It went over the tracks right when the lights came on, and the train came by, literally ten seconds later. I think if they had flashing lights and more of the arms where people can't go through, people would use more caution." said Mitchell Potter.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said putting in those safety features is one of the ways drivers will see an improvement.

"Putting extra light in, putting down the arm gates, putting in noisemakers, things like that. It will also improve places that already have those things." added Watt.

Many of the crossings that will be seeing upgrades around the commonwealth had an accident involving a vehicle or pedestrian in the last five years; but drivers in south central Kentucky said avoiding one of those accidents is simple.

"Just got to be patient. That's about it really." commented Potter.

Around the state, the cost to upgrade each crossing ranges from $4,000 to just under $200,000.

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