Grayson County Schools Use Spring Break to Make Up Snow Days

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Most students are mid way through their spring break, but one Kentucky Public School District is using the week to make up snow days.

After missing fourteen days of school, due to severe winter weather, Grayson County Public Schools used spring break for a few make up days. Students and faculty attended school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

"Going into June is not a good option and no superintendent wants to take away spring break," said Barry Anderson, Grayson County School's Superintendent.

With limited options available, the school district sent out a survey in late February. This allowed the community and school district employees to decide on their revised schedule. One option was to tack on makeup days to the end of the year, pushing the last day of school into June. The second option suggested using spring break to make up snow days.

"The survey results were about sixty to forty, people wanted us to take away spring break," said Barry Anderson, Grayson County School's Superintendent.

Despite their unusual schedule, teachers are stressing that the students are still expected to use instructional tie to learn.

Without making up days during spring break, Grayson County Schools were scheduled to release for summer on June 5.

"Our kids get really restless and so do our teachers when we talk about going to school in June. This is something where I'm glad the school district made that decision, getting us out as early as possible. I really appreciate that," Chad Johnston, Grayson County High School teacher.

The Snow Day Bill that passed last week, no longer requires Kentucky Public Schools to go 170 days. Instead, the requirement is 1,062 hours. Because one Grayson County Elementary school falls short on their hours, school officials are revising the amount of daily instructional time for the remaining school year.

"We may have to add a minute or two of instruction, or take off a minute or two their recess, but we'll make that schedule work," said Barry Anderson, Grayson County School's Superintendent.

Substitutes have been brought in for those teachers chaperoning educational trips with students.

Because of the Snow Day Bill, Grayson County Schools will not have school on Memorial Day.

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