Grayson County Sheriff Says Accusations Aren't True

GRAYSON COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- A sexual assault lawsuit has been filed against the Grayson County Sheriff.

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Sheriff Rick Clemons said he hasn't even been served the suit yet, but said what he's come to find out about the lawsuit simply isn't true.

The most recent lawsuit claims he sexually exploited a Grayson County woman, Hope Shelburne.

"I'm upset. I'm very offended. I'm actually shocked," said Clemons.

The civil suit filed in federal court in Owensboro alleges in 2009, Clemons gave Shelburne money for performing a sexually explicit act in his office after hours.

"When somebody makes statements like this against you, it's devastating and it's hard to accept. I've been doing this job almost 27 years. This is unbelievable," said Clemons.

The suit also names former Grayson County Detective Terry Blanton.

Blanton, Clemons, and Shelburne are also mentioned in previous suits from this summer when Shelburne was a confidential informant for Detective Blanton.

In another lawsuit, John McGuffin of Butler County accuses Blanton of stealing drugs from the evidence locker, extorting sex from his confidential informants and encouraging them to destroy evidence.

Sheriff Clemons is accused of turning a blind eye to these actions.

Blanton, who was let go last spring, will soon face sentencing on multiple drug-charges.

In the most recent suit filed, Shelburne is asking for $10 million in damages, and Sheriff Clemons is asking for justice to run its course.

"Let due process take place. I believe in the judicial system. I believe in the court system 100%. So, I'm asking people to let this thing play out and you can make a decision then," said Clemons.

WBKO reached out to hope Shelburne and her attorney on Tuesday, but we were unable to get in touch with them.

Kentucky State Police also investigated this alleged incident, and they found nothing wrong from a criminal standpoint.

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