Grayson County Tornado, One Year Later

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One year ago today, a tornado ripped through the Horntown community in Grayson County. It left the Horntown General Store demolished, and a nearby home left with nothing but a frame.

"The back part of the roof was completely gone. The door was busted out. The windows were busted out. There was debris everywhere. All the shelves were flipped over. It was a disaster," said Horntown General Store Owner Joey McClung.

It wasn't just parts of the building that were destroyed. The gas pump canopy actually collapsed on top of a truck.

"There was a man pumping fuel when the tornado struck, and when I got here, I didn't know whether he was actually still in the vehicle, but the canopy actually destroyed the truck," said McClung.

Surveillance footage shows the tornado passing over the canopy and the store. The truck owner took cover inside the store just before the tornado hit, and no one was harmed there. The community managed to escape the day with just injuries, and they pulled together to help those who lost their homes like the one just across the street from the general store.

"I was awesome to see all the community bring chainsaws and all their labor, and protecting the houses," said Grayson County Judge Executive Gary Logsdon.

With the help of FEMA, those in the community, and some time, the town was able to recover.

"The brick house is back. The store is running. It doesn't even look like anything happened," said Logsdon.

McClung says it took six months to rebuild the store. Now, there are just a few remnants of debris in some trees. They're the only visible mark the storm's fury left in this small town.

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