TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital Unveils New Surgery Suites

Greenview Regional Hospital
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This 40 year-old surgical facility has been transformed into this brand new one, which now houses six new surgical suites, something TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital says people in south central Kentucky deserve.

"When people want to have services rendered they'd like to do it at the local level. We want to make sure we can do that same level and standard of care as if they're going to a big city. We want to offer that locally," said TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital CEO Mark Marsh.

The hospital sees a growing need for orthopaedic surgeries, with the number more than doubling in five years. The new rooms are much larger, making those orthopaedic surgeries much easier on the surgeon and the patient.

"It's going to make it a lot easier on me to perform some of the surgeries we perform, and in turn, makes it better for the patients and safer for the patients," said surgeon Dr. Micheal Campbell.

The director of surgical services has been planning this renovation for five years, and explains one of its unique features.

"A surgical room is supposed to be positive pressure, so we have an indicator outside, and once the door is open, you're not able to maintain positive pressure, so there will be an alert that will go off at the nurses station if a door has been left open," said Director of Surgical Services Dr. Andrea Franklin.

Sometimes it's the simple things like the new LED lights, HD monitors, or the timer on a sink that insures you wash your hands for at least two minutes, that have many area surgeons taking notice.

"We've already got a lot of surgeons saying I want to do my first case... let me be the first one to do surgery back there," said Franklin.

The first surgery will be next Monday. Monday will also mark the beginning of work on the second of four phases of this renovation. Four more surgical suites will be completed within the next three months and by October, the hospital will also have a new recovery room with 15 bays for patients.

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