Greenwood Mall's "Alumni Hall" Store Divided With UK and WKU Gear

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Over at Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green, the store "Alumni Hall" is divided when it comes to WKU and UK merchandise.

Half the store has UK merchandise, while the other has WKU gear.

The store helped indecisive fans like on shopper who attends WKU, but is also a UK fan.

While there she bought some temporary face tattoos...

"Well, we're UK fans, but we go to Western so I feel obligated to root for both of them so we're kinda both," says Hailey Burke, a WKU student who is also a Cats fan.

"This store has definitely been crazy, now that we're playing each other, yesterday was just a mad house in here," added Kristin Wilcox, the manager at Alumni Hall.

Wilcox also says while sales for UK merchandise are steady year around, WKU merchandise has gone up the past couple weeks.

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