Grocery Stores Re-stock After Rush to Prepare for Cold Weather

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO)-- If you were at a grocery store this weekend, you probably saw how fast food and other necessities was flying off the shelves.

People were preparing for the winter weather, and one local grocery store says that gave them some extra work preparing the shelves for you! Those shelves may look full now, but the manger of the IGA on Rusellville Rd. says it took extra effort to get them that way.

"Everything was flying off the shelves. Of course, the biggest things we have to make sure we keep the milk and the bread, and the eggs. We got special deliveries of all that with the snow scare coming in to make sure all that was going to be full, and just all the other basic, because they were just buying all the necessities," said Priceless IGA Store Manager Tammy Harper.

Harper says there was a constant rush of people checking out with full carts, and that their nearby distribution centers in Bowling Green and Nashville helped them keep up with the demand.

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