Town Hall Meeting Tackles Gun Control in Edmonton

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In Washington this afternoon, Senator Dianne Feinstein proposed a plan that would ban the sale, transfer, and manufacturing of 158 semi-automatic weapons with at least one military feature. While today, in Metcalfe county, State Representative Bart Rowland joined a town hall meeting to hear the concerns of those who disapprove of plans like these.

"Our founding fathers felt that this was such an important issue, they made it the second amendment to our U.S. Constitution, and we need to do what we can to help protect that," said State Rep. Bart Rowland.

And his constituents at today's meeting felt firing back with state legislation could send that message back to Washington.

"They can nullify bad federal law that is against the Constitution, and I think the state not only has the right, but the duty and responsibility to do that," said citizen lobbyist Richard Treitz.

Treitz says the ninth and tenth amendments should give the state the ability to do that, guarding rights not specifically protected by the constitution, or given to the federal government.

While many cannot agree on this issue, some say they do agree with the limitations on who can legally purchase firearms.

"I do believe there should be some type of background checks done, because anyone who has felonies should have no weapons," said Neal Poindexter, concerned citizen

Others fear these proposals will lead to even more violence.

"People are not going to give up that right. They're not going to give up those guns, and now where does it end? Taxes? Where people will say, I'm already a criminal now I'll do whatever I want," said concerned citizen Roger Cory.

Rowland says other members of the house have talked about proposing a bill that would address these issues, and says he'd be on board.

Rowland says the bill has a long way to go. He hopes it will be ready by Feb. 5, and says it must pass the house before it can reach a vote in the state senate, and then be approved by the governor.

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