Gun Sales Increase in Bowling Green

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The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary has caused legislators to question the security of current gun laws.

But as Washington is tightening its grip on the Second Amendment, gun owners in Bowling Green are still exercising their rights.

"I've had two or three people a day contact me since the horrible tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School everyday since that event happened ask my advice on purchasing fire arms," Tom Baker says.

Baker is an extraordinaire on big game hunting.

"I think there's a really concern by a whole lot of folks that our second amendment rights will probably be restricted in some form," he says.

Some politicians are wanting to change the current gun laws by outlawing assault weapons, since Adam Lanza killed nearly 30 people with an AR.

The threat has caused a sense of urgency among gun owners. Sherwood's Guns in Bowling Green has sold out of assault rifles.

"I haven't ever seen it that empty, I mean obviously people are coming in here and buying a lot of guns here lately, in the last couple of days," Steve Miller says.

Miller has shopped at Sherwood's for years.

"I don't know if I would say I am freaking out, but I'm very concerned, and I do have quite a few guns. I'm not a hunter, but I just love collecting guns. So I am in here today to buy another one," he says.

On Saturday, Sherwood's Guns broke its all time sales record. Since then, the store has broken a new record daily. The stores aren't the only ones seeing an urgency.

"I have been teaching concealed carry classes for 11 years. For our January we have well over 30 people who have signed up so we are going to go ahead and do two classes. The demand has sky-rocketed," said Phil Kimbel.

Kimbel usually has about 21 people sign up for a class once each month.

The mass shooting in Connecticut appears to be driving up gun sales in several other states as well.

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