Gym Memberships Increase at the Beginning of Every Year

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With the new year, brings new goals.

Several of you are making, or have made your resolutions for the new year.

We stopped by a Total Fitness Connection in Bowling Green to talk to those making the effort in 2013 to have better health.

An employee says the gym is always crowded come January 1st.

One woman says her goal is to lose 50 lbs.

"I've gained some weight over the years so I am going to try this year to get some of the weight off so I'm coming and exercising everyday," says gym member Donna Buron.

"All the new years resolutioners are here and I came in and told my wife and said the parking lot is packed. I hope everybody that shows up today is here in six months," gym member John Gover says.

An employee at Total Fitness Connection says they gain more members at the beginning of every year than any other time.

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