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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- A day at the pool could have turned deadly for one boy, if not for a stranger jumping in to save him during his struggle in the water.

That stranger is actually a well-known person in Warren County -- the Commonwealth's Attorney, Chris Cohron.

"In my job, I see a little bit of everything, and I went from a relaxing Sunday afternoon, to having to jump in on this," Cohron said.

On that Sunday afternoon earlier this summer, Cohron took his son swimming at a country club in Bowling Green.

"I stood up and just happened to notice a young man that appeared to be struggling and he was kind of hovering under the water," he said.

That child was Samuel Ward.

He was at a pool party with friends, and they jumped off the diving board.

"So I jumped in, and I just blacked out," Samuel said.

His step-brother, Josh Coleman, knew he couldn't swim.

"I went in after him, and I couldn't get him, so I went to go get help," Josh said.

Watching from the side, Cohron thought Samuel was just playing with friends, but he soon realized it wasn't fun and games.

"I actually heard one of his friends say, 'I don't think he can swim.' At that point in time, it concerned me, so I jumped in the water and pulled him over to the side," Cohron said.

He said a physician was also there and took over just in time.

"His eyes were closed. He was short-of-breath. He was having a hard time responding, so it was a very scary ordeal," Cohron said.

Samuel went to the hospital, where his mom rushed to meet him, thankful for the hero who saved her son's life.

"I'm honored every day. I work with the men and women of law enforcement. It's hard to be called a hero when I watch what those men and women do every day," Cohron said. "I'm just very happy the little boy was okay."

"Thank you for saving my life. I'm very thankful," Samuel said.

We honor Warren County's Commonwealth's Attorney Chris Cohron as this week's Hometown Hero.

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