HOMETOWN HERO: Park City Elementary Volunteers

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BARREN CO., Ky. (WBKO) -- A group of volunteers at Park City Elementary gets an A+ in working hard to make the school the best it can be for the students and give the teachers an extra hand.

"If you ask the children, they probably wouldn't know the difference between our volunteers and our staff, and I love it when we have those type of volunteers," said Patty Gentry, the district volunteer coordinator for Barren County Schools.

A group of more than 10 volunteers is making all the difference at the school.

"They don't ask for anything. They come in and go to work. We never have to worry about making a copy. We never have to worry about laminating anything. We never have to worry about having something cut out," said Cecilia Doyle, the library media specialist at Park City Elementary.

No matter the task -- big or small -- they put all their effort into it, and it shows.

"Now, we're starting a new project to get ready for state testing. So we are helping the students and the teachers get pumped up and decorate the school," said Nicole Shores, one of the volunteers.

They recently decorated the entire school like a Dr. Seuss book to celebrate his birthday and reading.

"It was amazing to be able to see the kids come down the hallway and go, 'Look at that! Do you see that Lorax? It's huge!' Their gasp of air made it all worth it," Shores said.

Doyle says those kind of projects would not be possible without the volunteers.

"It's just wonderful to have that extra that right now, with our staffing situation and budget, we just can't afford to do on our own."

Not all the volunteers even have children at the school, but those who do enjoy being where their children are.

"I love being able to contribute to education and to her education and to just see all the little kids' faces light up when you do things for them," said Abby Hadden, another of the volunteers.

For volunteering their time to make the school a better place to learn and work, we honor the Park City Elementary volunteers as this week's Hometown Hero.

The volunteer coordinator says the volunteers have already worked more than 8,000 hours this year.

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