HOMETOWN HERO: Phillip & Linda Trent

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HART COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- A group of people have been fighting what they say is a big problem in Hart County -- poverty.

Through a local food program, Phillip and Linda Trent, along with many volunteers, make sure hundreds of families have something to eat each month.

"Sadly, about a fourth of our people are in poverty level, and we're reaching about 550 families a month, but we're not reaching half of the families that qualify," Phillip said.

Every month since July 2000, Phillip and his wife Linda have been part of Abundance of the Hart.

"The program basically is based just out of love for people who need help. That's where the ministry comes from -- is love. There's no better way to express Christ than to help people in need, because he's a need-meeter. This is a simple way for us to do that," Phillip said.

Already, they've put nearly two million pounds of food into the homes that need it.

"The difference between medicine and food. They've said with this program, it's helped us to make that decision if we can buy or medicine, because we know we're not going to starve," he said.

Phillip says the program would not be successful without volunteers, like one man he spoke of.

"Every month, takes a day off his vacation time, and he and his wife distribute to about 50 families here in this county."

Another man has volunteered for a couple years and delivers to 16 homes.

"Fourteen widowed ladies and two widowers -- it's just good because most of them don't have transportation -- no way to come over here and get the food. So it just gives you a good feeling to help," said Kenneth Melloan.

The food is donated or sold to the program at low cost. Then Phillip and other volunteers pick up trailer loads of food before bagging and distributing it the third Thursday of each month at Munfordville Baptist Church.

"They give so much of their time for this program -- from coordinating to picking up the food, all the paperwork and computer. It really takes a lot of effort and time to be able to do this," said Amber Huffman, who nominated them.

For working hard to meet the needs in their community, we honor the Trents as this week's Hometown Hero.

If you'd like to get involved and help out the program, you can contact Immanuel Ministry Church at (270) 786-4339.

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