UPDATE: Hale Still Winner after Recanvass; Steward Files for Recount

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- UPDATE: Chris Steward filed for a recount late Thursday afternoon. He told WBKO this move is about protecting the integrity of the voters.

The winner didn't change in a local recanvass Thursday morning. Michael Hale is still the Democratic Nominee for Judge-Executive in Barren County.

Three votes separated Michael Hale from Bud Tarry last week, and that number didn't change today after he got a recanvass of the vote.

Hale had 1,643 votes, Tarry had 1,640 and Steward had 1,627.

"To my family and my supporters out there, when you have this close of a race out of the number of votes that were cast, it's customary to ask for that recount," said Bud Tarry, 2nd in primary.

"I hope the other candidates don't hold anything ill against me. I went out and competed in a race and I came out on top," said Michael Hale, democratic primary winner.

Thursday morning's recanvass also left Dr. Chris Steward in a close third place just 16 votes behind Hale.

A recanvass is different from a recount. It's a re-tabulation of votes that checks for math and human error, a recount is much more. It involves the court system and costs money.

We asked Steward if he was going to pursue a recount.

"God and I know that, and neither one of us are speaking. I'm not saying no," said Dr. Chris Steward, 3rd in the primary.

It will become clear in the near future if Steward plans to prolong this race.

The republican primary winner is David Honeycutt. As it stands now, he and Hale would face-off in November.

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