Local Family Transforms Home For Halloween

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"We love it 110%. We love it," says Watonya Gipson.

Giving out candy isn't enough for the Gipson family. Their house transforms into a Halloween like castle complete with spiders, skeletons and a graveyard.

"It gets bigger each year. We try to add at least one thing every year like the sign that's new this year so we try to get the kids to do something. Then we try to get whatever is on clearance for next year," says Gipson.

Even with clearance ... costumes, candy and decorations add up quickly.

"A couple of hundred dollars at least. We make a lot of the costumes," says Gipson.

The Gipson's say it's money well spent for their children on one of their favorite days of the year.

"Well I have always loved Halloween and the kids have always loved Halloween and I guess I don't know we decorate for every holiday and Halloween just seems to get bigger and bigger and bigger," says Gipson

And more homes are joining in on the love of Halloween. Everywhere you look there is a haunted theme. It's a part of the neighborhoods "Pumpkin Alley" which closes streets enabling kids to trick or treat without any extra worry.

"It's safer for the children. They can walk from house to house with no traffic and trick or treat. It's got the neighbors motivated and so we have huge amounts of decorations, huge amounts of candy," says Gipson.

Plenty of candy is needed as about 900 kids are expected to walk up and down the streets this Halloween.

As part of the neighborhood event parents and children are asked to bring canned goods for a local food pantry.

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