Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween can be a tricky time for parents concerned about keeping their kids safe while trick-or-treating.

A parent's greatest fear on Halloween can be what happens as their children walk the streets. Bowling Green Police offer a few tips to make sure you're children are safe.

"Carry a flashlight with you, and wear a costume that has some kind of reflectant material on it," said Bowling Green Police Officer Ronnie Ward.

Ward says being seen by motorists is key.

"Make sure you're not crossing the street in between parked cars, because that makes your chances greater of another driver not being able to see you," said Ward.

Ward says everyone on the road should keep an extra cautious eye out for kids crossing, and both parents and kids should watch not only where they're walking but what houses they are walking to.

"When you're trick or treating, you want to watch where you're going, you're not going to a house that is not lit or can't be seen really well," said Ward.

Some parents might find it a treat to know there are apps you can download to track where your kids are while they're trick or treating.

These apps can be downloaded to both the parent and the kid's phones, and use GPS technology to track locations of both in case you get separated.

Ward says parents who are concerned about finding safe neighborhoods, can go to the Kentucky State Police website for a list of registered sex offender residences. To access the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry go to http://trickortracker.com/.

For more information on the Trick or Tracker App go to http://trickortracker.com/.

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