Health & Wellness Expo Draws In Hundreds

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Health and Wellness Expo at the Sloan Convention Center helped hundreds get healthier Saturday morning.

"It may turn out to be the largest one we've ever had. As you can see the crowd is just enormous. Before nine o'clock we already had about 1500 people that had come through," said Doris Thomas, the vice president of the Commonwealth Health Corporation.

The people at the expo say the free goodies were fun, but the health advice was priceless.

"We got our blood pressure taken and we had our vision checked and all kinds of cool stuff like that that you normally just don't get to do," said Jennifer Roarke.

"We got to meet people in businesses and stuff that I wouldn't normally go to," said Amanda Hobdy.

Each lap around the tables at the expo was an opportunity to get involved in a new exercise or take part in an on-the-spot health screening -- from hearing to vision and many more.

There was also a huge, inflatable colon people could walk through to learn what a healthy versus unhealthy colon looks like.

"It allows us an opportunity to talk to people about their screenings, find out if they're of age to be screened, and basically to point them to resources that can help get them screened. That particular blob right there is what a colon cancer would look like," said cancer control specialist, Elizabeth Westbrook.

It didn't stop at health. The Richardsville Fire Department had its safety house for kids to go through.

"Teaching them about fire safety in the home, calling 911, checking for heated doors, crawling low in smoke," said Lieutenant Chris Smith.

The Medical Center put on the event, and they also got something in return to help the community.

"Kohl's department store did a check presentation this morning here at the expo for $23,712, and that goes to the Medical Center's Infant Health & Safety classes," Thomas said.

There were more than 70 exhibits at the event, as well as other demonstrations and door prizes.

Organizers say they pick this time of year for the expo because it's when people are most conscientious about their health.

It was the 17th year for the event.

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