Health & Wellness Expo Gives Free Flu Shots

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You didn't have to be sick to be interested in the Health & Wellness Expo at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green Saturday morning, but if you were worried about catching the flu virus that's sweeping the nation , they had you covered.

"We gave those vaccines out free. Two hundred & fifty of those went to toddlers six months and up. While the other two hundred & fifty went to adults. In many areas those flu vaccines have been depleted. This was an opportunity for people to be able to come out and take advantage of it. We are very happy we were able to do this." said Doris Thomas of the Commonwealth Health Corporation.

The event had many helpful tips as well as demonstrations on display but it wasn't just show and tell at the expo. There were plenty of interactive activities, like learning how to properly do CPR.

"We have tables so adults can stand up and learn this procedure but we also have blankets and mats on the floor. So we are also teaching teaching young people that early heart attack care starts with the public." commented Sherry Suggs who was teaching CPR to patrons throughout the morning.

Though we're only a few weeks in hopefully, most everyone is sticking to those New Year resolutions.

"Being the new year, it's a time when people are looking to get in shape. What we're doing at our booth today (Saturday) is doing strength and flexibility. They may be stronger than they thought, or they may not be as strong as they thought. The test today (Saturday) is just a way for us to gauge their fitness levels." said Frank Lamanna of Bowling Green Parks And Recreation.

Whatever your reason for attending the Health & Wellness Expo, there's no doubt that if you came, you left with all the tools you need for a healthier lifestyle.

The event also included performances by the BG Rockerz and The Jumpin' Jaguars.

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