Power Outages and Flooding Reported in Southern Kentucky

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Some areas of south central Kentucky received up to three inches of rain in the past 24 hours.

Bowling Green had two inches, and one county official says the cave systems can affect how the area retains water.

"Everywhere you go today, you find basins full of water, sinkholes taking water and water standing where sinkholes aren't taking water," said Warren County Public Works Director Mac Yowell.

Those sinkholes can help or hurt on days like today, depending on how much water they're holding at the time of the rainfall.

"At times, the cave system gets surcharged and water backs up and sinkholes make water instead of taking water," said Yowell.

Yowell says the public works department heard concerns from many homeowners today. They were fearful the water in basins may reach their homes, but he says there's no need to worry.

"All these basins should be designed where your house is 18 inches above where water would rise to," said Yowell.

Yards weren't' the only things effected by the rain. Flooding closed some roadways.

"Three low water fords plus Antioch Church Road and H. E. Johnson Road have been impassable at times today," said Yowell.

Yowell says the area's retention system allows water to build up fast, but it will lower quickly too. He anticipates the roads will be clear by tonight.

In addition to the flooding, Bowling Green had a brief power outage for almost ten thousand people. BGMU says nearly half of their service area was without power for almost 30 minutes this morning due to lightning striking lines.

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