High-Dose Flu Vaccine an Option for Seniors

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Flu season is here and that has many wondering how they can protect themselves.

There is another option for those who are older, and may have weaker immune systems. The Fluzone High-dose Flu Vaccine is approved by the FDA for people 65 and older.

One local pharmacist says the regular dose vaccine is suitable for most people, but for those who are older with weakened immune systems, this may be an option.

"Like I said, if you have already taken action, and gotten your flu shot, you're in good shape. Don't be concerned that you got the wrong one, but if you haven't gotten your flu shot, and you stay sick alot, and have lots of respiratory infections throughout the winter, check with your doctor because this may be something that is for you," said Hines Pharmacy Pharmacist Beth Murley.

Murley says many places have yet to offer this higher-dose vaccine, but it is something she hopes to offer in the future.

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