High School Student Takes UK Basketball Player To Her Prom

Kentucky's Eloy Vargas, left, and Darius Miller reacts in the closing seconds of the NCAA tournament South Regional final college basketball game against Baylor on Sunday, March 25, 2012, in Atlanta. Kentucky won 82-70. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
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Natascha Richardson was at an autograph signing hours before her prom, when she got the guts to ask UK basketball player and national champ, Eloy Vargas, to the dance.

"It was my turn to get an autograph and I was just like, what are you doing tonight, and he was like 'what are you doing tonight' and I was like, you should go to prom with me and it just kind of happened and I was like ahh, cool," says Natascha Richardson, who asked Eloy Vargas to her prom.

"She didn't have a date so I thought, I should do something for her," says Eloy Vargas, a UK basketball player.

The 17-year-old student at Gatton Academy says the night was a dream come true because she is a huge UK basketball fan.

"It's amazing, I can't believe it actually happened, it was just so cool, I can't stop smiling, I'm still freaking out" says Richardson.

The two would eat and hit the dance floor together at the prom.

Vargas says he thought Natascha was sweet and wanted to give her a nice memory.

"It's a lot of blessings to be a part of this thing right now and be over here, part of this girl's life and making her dream come true," says Vargas.

Other students were also excited that Vargas showed up.

"I think it speaks to his character, he seems like a really nice guy and it was really cool of him to do that," says David Brown, a junior at Gatton Academy.

Natascha says she's never met anyone famous before so this was one of the best night's of her life.

Vargas says he's glad he had the opportunity to make Natascha's prom night special.

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