Highway Department Closes Warren County Bridge, Plans to Rebuild

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Kentucky Highway Department officials have closed the single-lane, wood deck bridge over some rail road tracks on West Bogle Rd. in Warren County.

"We've been monitoring it closely. Our inspector went out yesterday and found a crack in one of the load-carrying members, and deemed it to be a public hazard, and not safe to cross," said Department of Highways District 3 Public Information Officer Wes Watt.

The bridge was built in 1900, and Watt says inspectors have been closely monitoring it recently because of its age.

"We are currently in the right of way acquisition stage, and we are continuing with that," said Watt.

In the meantime, the county roads department also chose to close West Bogle Rd.

"We felt, along with them, that this road needed to be closed to through traffic just for the safety of the motorists that would travel it," said Warren County Public Works Project Manager Josh Moore.

Watt says the closure of this road won't inconvenience too many people, because only araound 25 to 30 cars travel over the bridge daily. Those who live on the east side of this bridge will have to take a detour to make it back over to Russellville Rd.

"The individuals who live on the east side of the bridge will need to drive down to Vance Rd. which connects to the north to Rich Pond-Rockfield Rd., which is KY 242, or to the south to Peatross Rd., which is KY 240. Both of those roads will take you to Russellville Rd," said Moore.

Signs currently mark the closure of the road and bridge, and until the bridge is rebuilt, Watt and Moore say no one should cross it.

Moore says the reconstruction of the West Bogle Rd. bridge was slated for sometime this summer, but he hopes the closure will help speed up the process for the highway department.

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