Hilltoppers Fans Gather for First Home Game of the Season

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Football was what connected everyone today as they tailgated -- waiting for the Hilltoppers to play in their first home game of the season.

"I'm a junior here at Western and I just love Western. Antonio Andrews is the man. I'm just really pumped. It's a good atmosphere right now -- White Out, a lot of people, everybody's painted up. We're just really dedicated Bowling Green fans," said Derek Higdon.

They didn't win last week, but fans are encouraged about the rest of the season.

"The thing is, we've got Bobby Petrino now, and we're just one of the best teams in the Sun Belt," Higdon said.

They were especially optimistic about tonight.

"They'll come out fired up -- especially after their loss last week," said Mark Altstadt.

For one group of guys, the afternoon was about showing support -- in the form of body paint.

"This is the first time, and I did it because it's our first home game, and I really respect that, and I love having school spirit and supporting my school," said Chase Tate, who was covered in Western's colors.

One dad came from Evansville for the game.

"I have a daughter here. All my friends are here, and we're just enjoying a beautiful day," Altstadt said.

And one girl had friends from Louisville and Texas join her in the parking lot for a special occasion.

"What better way to spend it outside celebrating my birthday and Western? Go Tops!" said Amanda Blain.

She had someing in mind that she wanted for her 21st birthday.

"A win, definitely a big win. I don't want a small win. I want a big win, a big win."

Whether they won or lost...

"The Tops are going to win by two or three more touchdowns, because we're going to dominate the Sun Belt this year," Tate said.

The Hilltoppers fans knew how to show their support.

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