SKyPAC Purchases Historic Former Taylor's Chapel AME Church Building at Auction

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The Taylor's Chapel A.M.E. Church building on East 7th St. in Bowling Green was auctioned off Thursday.

Auctioneers did not have to search very far to find someone interested in this historic property. As a matter of fact, neighboring SKyPAC was the only bidder.

"When it became available, we began to think about how it might help us expand our education program primarily, which is completely out of room," said SKyPAC Executive Director Tom Tomlinson.

SKyPAC set the opening bid at $250,000 and purchased it having no competition. They say they already have plans for the space.
"Probably a combination of classrooms and office space, and space for kids to perhaps do some visual art work, which we don't have now," said Tomlinson

The current owners hoped to restore the old church, but moved to Pennsylvania with hopes someone else could finish those plans. Prior to the auction it had been listed on the market for about three years.

"They had high hopes this property would become part of this program downtown here of renovations like the SKyPAC property. I think they'll be pleased to know the SKyPAC has bought this property today," said Top Dollar Auctions Owner Joe B. Houchens.

The structure was one of the first African American Episcopal Churches in south central Kentucky, built in 1872, and it still maintains much of the character it once had, but it need plenty of renovations to be usable.

"It is our goal to the extent possible to restore it. We think it has a very significant architectural role in the community," said Tomlinson.

Those efforts will come at a price, and Tomlinson says being a not for profit organization means they'll need community support to make it happen. Houchens says they hope to close on the purchase by Sept. 13.

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