Hit and Run Suspect Has History of Using Vehicle as Weapon

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When the suspect left the Greenwood Mall area. He pulled on to Scottsville Road and ran through a light. That's when he hit two vehicles, then left his car. He was later found behind Shoe Carnival, and employees of the store say the amount of patrol cars had them on alert.

"Then the sheriff's department rolled up and was at the accident and ended up with eight patrol vehicles at the accident scene and four patrol vehicles behind the store and we still didn't know what had happened other than there was a wreck out in front of the store." said Shoe Carnival Manager, Peter Hopkins.

Tyson has a record of crime very similar to this instance. In April of this year a complaint of shoplifting at a Hendersonville shopping center left one officer fearing for his life when trying to stop Tyson.

"Pretty similar to what sounds like happened in Bowling Green. I was horseback, saw them go around the end of the building, so i went around to the end of the building and made contact with them. I rode my horse around and i was actually standing in front of the car. Then he realized that the female who had the keys wasn't going to drive off, he got out and told him to give her his keys. I was telling him "No! Don't get in the car!" he went ahead and got in the car and started it up and was still right in front of the car and he put it in drive and floored it. I was able to get away just in time and my horse was able to get away just in time to keep him from running over us." said Hendersonville, Tennessee Police Officer Jeff Duren.

Tyson is facing charges for assault on a police officer, leaving the scene of an accident, and also has four warrants out in Tennessee.

"He obviously has no regard for any kind of life, human life or a horse. I can't imagine somebody being that way." added Duren.

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