Hitcents Develops Popular Hanx Writer App

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- One of Hollywood's biggest stars has turned an idea into reality, thanks to the help of a local company in Bowling Green.

Tom Hanks may be one of the highest-grossing actors in film history, but one of his newest ideas is at the top of a different kind of chart.

"Tom Hanks is a huge typewriter fan. He has over 200 typewriters in his personal collection," VP of Games and Interactive, Stuart Westphal, said.

Officials say Hanks had a vision to create an app that recreates a manual typewriting experience. The idea of the "Hanx Writer" was later pitched to local app developer, Hitcents.

"Hitcents has been creating a great relationship with the creative artist agency out of their L.A. office. When Tom Hanks brought to his agent the idea of of the Hanx Writer, they really wanted to find a partner had the same creative vision and could really handle the technical aspect of it," Westphal said.

After several interactions with Hanks and his team, the Hitcents team went to work.

"There was actually around 20 people that had a part in this just here at Hitcents alone. So, that was really nice to able to see so many people get involved," Westphal said.

Hanks even sent three of his own typewriters to Bowling Green.

"We took inspiration from those. The way they sound. The way they feel," Senior App Developer, Jon Peppers, said.

And, the product has been a success, spending several weeks at the top of the app store.

"It's free, and you get one typewriter for free. You can unlock additional typewriters for $2.99, or, you can pay $4.99 to unlock everything in the app," Peppers said.

Westphal says their team enjoyed working with Hanks.

"It was really great having Tom as a partner because this was his passion project, so he was involved from the start, all the way through the development process," Westphal said.

The Hanx Writer app is only available for iPads in the app store.

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