Hitcents Moves Into New Home on Park Row

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It's a move that has been a year in the making.

"We've actually had a fun day today, We actually had a nerf gun war earlier, and finally everyone got to box all their stuff up and bring it over here," said Hitcents president Clinton Mills.

Space and layout will be a big change from their old office.

"In the old office we were in a different room. We'd have to instant message one another or walk across the hall," said Hitcents 2D animator Jeff Dehut.

While the aesthetic appeal is another noticeable change, employees say the new technology here will help the business whose business is technology.

"Technology changes we're having come in with all this stuff. New networking equipment that going to make everything faster and cleaner," said Hitcents technology manager Robert Camp.

Hitcents Park Plaza is part of Bowling Green's Tax Increment Financing district, aimed at developing downtown.

"It's going to be a destination for Bowling Green and all the surrounding counties," said Mills.

Mills hopes the environment will bring new talent to the growing company.

"We can probably recruit people from bigger cities and move them in here. It's definitely a great environment to work in," said Mills.

The perfect view of Bowling Green Ballpark and proximity to area attractions make work close to play.

"The already established businesses.. the small businesses here in the downtown area that we can interact with, and the stuff that's coming downstairs which I really don't know a whole lot about, but I'm excited to find out," said Dehut.

He's not the only one. Mills says the retail and restaurants that will occupy the first floor wrap will soon be finalized. Mills says he hopes to have construction on the retail and restaurant space completed and businesses moved in by March.

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