Hitcents Park Plaza Opens Three More Restaurants

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- As more businesses open in downtown Bowling Green, the competition between them grows.

"It's definitely a good thing for downtown when there's more options. It's just going to make this a more interesting part of town. I think it'll help bring in more traffic and eventually benefit everybody," said Justin Shepherd, the owner of Spencer's Coffee.

Hitcents Park Plaza opened three new restaurants Thursday, about a week after the sports bar, 643, also opened there.

The diners now can choose from Mexican, Asian or Italian food.

"Trying to bring downtown to life, basically, and with these three concepts, you're able to get all three different parts of the world within one spot -- along with the sports bar," said Kenneth Jones, the kitchen manager at Tres Molinos.

Some may think other businesses wouldn't want the new competition, but Shepherd says that's not the case for him.
He sees it as an opportunity to work together.

"Employees there are going to get coffee here. The people who work here are going to go down there for a beer after work or whatever," he explained.

Business owners and patrons alike say the new restaurants add to what downtown has to offer.

"I think it's a great idea for Bowling Green. It needs something like this that's going to bring more people downtown and continue the economic growth of the community," said Addie Walter, who was dining at the plaza Sunday afternoon.

They say downtown will thrive more as each new business opens and brings in more people.

"Traditionally, people are going out to Scottsville Road, Campbell Lane -- places where all the businesses are just so clustered," Shepherd said.

"I had a lady yesterday who said she never comes downtown, but now that she knows that this is here, she actually has a reason for her and other people to actually travel to Bowling Green and to come downtown," Jones said.

Beyond more options, Jones says the plaza also brought 300 new jobs to town.

There's already four places to choose from there at the plaza, but Mariah's Restaurant also will move there sometime this week.

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