Hitcents Releases Battlepillars, Its Newest Mobile Game

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The award winning game developers at Hitcents in Bowling Green released their newest mobile game in the App Store and Android Market on Thursday, and the fact that the game was created locally isn't the only thing that makes it unique.

It's every man for himself at Hitcents on Thursday as the company celebrated the release of Battlepillars.

"It's like a tug of war game. The armies are going back and forth and the goal is to destroy the enemy's base," said Hitcents Game Artist Jeff Dehut.

While they're battling now, the nearly eight month development of the game took teamwork.

"Creating a game like this takes people from all different backgrounds," said Dehut.

For one recent WKU grad from Woodburn, Ky., this was the first game he helped create.

"I've always wanted to do game development and this is the first big one, so that's exciting," said Hitcents Game Developer Andrew Kenady.

What makes this game special is not only that it was made here, but that it allows you to play against your friends in real time.

"Multi player mobile games right now are turn based type games. It's not a turn based type of thing. It's I'm sending out my army of Battlepillars against you as you're sending out your army of Battlepillars against me and our two armies clash and fight each other," said Hitcents Sr. Game Designer Phil Williams.

"All day in the office, we've been posting games and having people from around the world join those games," said Hitcents Developer and Battlepillars Lead Programmer Matt Bitner.

Fighting each other is what these guys have been doing for quite a while.

"We had a couple tournaments where we went office wide and tried to figure out who was the best in the office, and I didn't win either of them. I'm not that great at the game," Kenady laughs.

The game was just released at midnight on Thursday, but they're already seeing success.

"Apple has featured us on their front page. We just found that out a few minutes ago, so that's a really good sign of success for us right there," said Williams.

To kick off the game, Hitcents is giving away $10,000, $5,000 to the person with the highest score on the endless mode of Battlepillars, and other prizes for stages down from that.

For more on how you can begin battling, see the link below.

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