Holiday Bash Sells Out, Helps Area Charities

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Holiday Bash is more than just auction items, great food, and live music, it's a chance for the community to give back to seventeen area charities, and one musician put it best.

"If it was one charity that would be one thing, and it would be good too, but there's so many charities, and when it branches out to so many people by the numbers are going to receive something from this event," said musician Steve Cropper.

Tonight hundreds of people made that their mission, and they weren't the only ones showing their support. You may remember his performance earlier this month, well he didn't stop there, Ronnie Dunn auctioned off an opportunity to have dinner with his family.

"the concert... the opportunity to have folks come to his home for dinner...that he's providing and offering those couples to truly have a once in a lifetime experience, you don't do that if you're only halfway committed to an event, you do it if you're fully committed, and Ronnie has been fabulous," said Commonwealth Broadcasting President Steve Newberry.

His concert earlier this month was the result of Newberry and Dunn talking about lyrics to a new song.

"We started talking about lyrics... and he said tell me about believe...what were you thinking about when you write that, and red dirt road and several things... and by the end of the night I was doing a charity in Bowling Green," said country music artist Ronnie Dunn.

"Believe" isn't just the name of his song, he says this event is something he believes in.

"You need to be involved in stuff like that every now and then... to bring you down to earth and see what's really going on in the real world, and it's a good thing," said Dunn.

Dunn surprised hundreds when he came to tonight's event, and the impact made by tonight's auctions will benefit these organizations all year.

This year's event sold out with hundreds in attendance, we'll have more on the impact it made tomorrow night on WBKO at 10.

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