Home Expo Helps Homeowners Get New Ideas

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Home Expo is happening this weekend in Bowling Green.

At the Sloan Convention Center more than 100 vendors were set up to give homeowners ideas about new trends this year to help them with remodeling, home improvement or new construction.

The expo has been around for about 40 years and those putting on the event say it continues to grow because it offers such variety.

"I just think it's a simple, relaxed way to come out and see a lot of different companies. Plus, we have partnered with a lot of non-profits. So, while you're out here, you can donate food to Hotel Inc. You can find out about how Habitat for Humanity is building homes for the local community. So I just love the symbiotic relationship amongst all the businesses," said Anita Napier, CEO of the Builders Association.

"I would love to knock out a wall and enlarge my kitchen because I love to be in the kitchen, so they have a lot of stuff here about that. They have a lot about your basements if that floods a lot. Anything, anything about your home but also not just about the home. So I really like it," said Debbie Burnett, who was at the expo.

The expo began Friday night and ends Sunday at five.

It's put on by the Builders Association of South Central Kentucky.

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