Homecoming Celebration Makes Hometown Heroes

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Homecoming is a thrilling time at any high school, but this year's basketball homecoming was even more special at Cumberland County High School.

Erica Cain and her family were a bundle of nerves heading to the event, as Erica was nominated for Homecoming Queen.

In her black and white dress, Erica stood on the court with her escort Brian Leveridge, waiting to hear her name.

Erica's mom, Gail, recalls the moment as it happened, "When they called Erica's name, that's when that big grin came out on her face. She was really excited. Every body was."

Erica has Endocardial Cushion Defect with Down Syndrome, and her class of around 80 students unanimously voted for her to be queen.

"Every one of them has been with Erica since Kindergarten. They take care of Erica. They look after Erica," says Gail of Erica's classmates.

As the cheers erupted through the gym, there wasn't a dry eye in the house says Erica's best friend Heather Stalcep.

"Oh it was great. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I cried. Every body cried."

Cumberland County High School Principal Daryl Murphy says that he thinks it was "great" that his students chose Erica.

"It is a great group of kids we have here at Cumberland County High School," says Murphy.

Which is a sentiment echoed by Gail, "They're wonderful. They're fantastic. They're awesome."

As for Erica, she says she enjoys wearing her crown around the house and that the best part of school is her friends.

For their kind hearts and open minds... we honor Erica Cain and the Cumberland County High School Class of 2013 as this week's Hometown Heroes.

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