Hometown Hero: Paula Moore

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After years of working for the Bowling Green City School System, it's time for one greatly appreciated secretary to retire. What she did in her time in the office made many feel she was their hero.

Getting children on and off the school bus safely is important to the Bowling Green City School bus drivers. And they say it couldn't be done without Paula Moore.

Paula has worked in the central office of Bowling Green City Schools for 27-and-a-half years, but now it's time for her to retire.

In her time at the office she says the bus drivers have become more like family.

Paula said it's bitter sweet. Bitter because she will miss everyone and her job -- sweet because she has two grandchildren on the way.

The drivers say they couldn't do this job without her.
Paula will be greatly missed.
And she says she will miss them.

As for who ever takes Paula's place, the bus drivers had only one thing to say, "she's got some big shoes to fill".

For helping the bus drivers on their routes and keeping them safe, we honor Paula Moore as this week's Hometown Hero.

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