Hometown Hero: Andee Rudloff

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You may have seen some of her colorful and artistic masterpieces around Bowling Green. They are the creation of Andee Rudloff, Education and Visual Arts Director at SKyPAC. Longtime friend Paula Devore says each mural brings something new to the city.

"She does the outline of the murals and then she involves the community to paint the murals. It's just so nice that larger cities do things like that and she has brought the larger hometown feeling to a small town," says Devore.

The joy of pulling out a paint brush on a plain white wall has always been an interest of Rudloff. She says each piece becomes a conversation.

"I have been a muralist all of my life. It was such an interesting way to involve people in that art conversation and anybody of any age can participate," says Rudloff.

Former teacher Marsha Ingram says the art seen on many area walls has always come natural.

"Andee was very artsy as a 5th and 6th grader. I can see her now doodling on her paper," says Ingram.

Rudloff was a student at McNeil Elementary but hasn't forgotten her past. She brought her artistic skills back. With help from students the group designed a colorful and uplifting piece of art.

"To do this mural the kids have had a ball. What an outstanding opportunity it as been for the students here at McNeil," says Rudloff.

Bringing art back to her old school is just one of many rewarding things Rudloff looks forward to.

"I just love being able to do what I do everyday and it's just such a privilege and an honor to work with the kids in the region," says Rudloff

For incorporating art into our community, transforming the city and our youth, we honor Andee Rudloff as this week's Hometown Hero.

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