Hometown Hero: Big Brothers, Big Sisters

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They work with more than 350 kids across our area Finding them a mentor and role model. Now Big Brothers, Big Sisters can welcome everyone into their brand new facility at Badgett Business Centre.

"We have access to two large conference rooms and several areas in the facility that we are looking to actually bring our volunteers and the children on site for. Normally Big brothers, Big sisters activities happen out in the community and at the child's school," says CEO Brian Becker.

Movie and game nights are on the agenda for kids and their mentor's in the coming weeks. Becker has been with the organization 9 and a half years and says the most rewarding thing is seeing the youth he has worked with grow.

"Before I was a director I was involved as a case manager and so there are matches that I had a hand in and that are still going today and to see the littles go finish high school and go off to college it's been very very rewarding to be involved and see those results," says Becker.

And working with youth continues to bring joy to everyone on staff.

"I did a match not too long ago where the little brother literally came running through the house and hugged his new big brother when I introduced him and that's what makes it all worth it," says Program Director Andrea Saltsman.

Special Events Director Maria Fisher, who plans Spirits In The Cave and Bowl for Kids Sake, says she couldn't ask for a more enjoyable job.

"Knowing that everything that I do, all the money that is raised goes back to the kids and that it is all about supporting youth development and giving those children a mentor and someone special in their life," says Fisher.

And for continuing to do that and supporting our local youth we honor Big Brothers, Big Sisters of South Central Kentucky as this weeks Hometown Hero.

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