Hometown Hero: Brenda Ullrich

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The halls inside Henry Moss Middle School are like no other. Bright, inspiring murals greet students daily. The work comes from the talent of art teacher Brenda Ullrich.

"I love the students and the school and I wanted to do that for them and I just feel like that's my purpose is to use my talents to help this school," says Ullrich.

Each mural follows guidelines set through the "Leader in Me" program. Ullrich would often arrive to school early to paint each masterpiece. Help also came from her talented students.

"People think very few kids are actually talented, but that's a myth. Every child is an artist and what we have to do is just help them to discover that," says Ullrich.

The young artists works are now on display in a permanent art gallery. Principal David Nole says the idea to show off the colorful art is an inspiration from from Ms. Ullrich.

"The work that these kids do is outstanding and it needs to be seen and it's an opportunity for the kids to express themselves in 1,000 different ways and Ms. Ullrich does a great job of getting that done," says Nole.

Many of the pieces on display aren't your typical paper and paint. Materials are recycled, becoming award winning art that students use to express themselves.

"She has always done an outstanding job with the students here and inspiring them, getting them to lead their way through art and bringing it in to all kinds of different ways that you wouldn't normally think about art being in the classroom," says Nole.

For inspiring creativity among young minds through art we honor Brenda Ullrich as this week's Hometown Hero.

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