Hometown Hero: Cave City Christian Church

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Clothing and a home cooked meal some of us may take for granted, but not the Cave City Christian Church who has made it their mission to ensure everyone in the community has the basic necessities.

"They feed the people when they need to be fed, they clothe us when we need to be clothed, and that is the best thing ever. Really great for this community," says Carrie Riggs.

Every Thursday the church opens its doors. The kitchen bustles with activity offering a free meal to anyone in need. Sometimes it may be someone's first and last meal.

"There are a lot of people here who probably go hungry all week and Thursday is the only meal they get," says Riggs

The reality that many go day to day without a meal is what brought the helping hands from the church together.

"Last year we did a Christmas dinner and we fed about 144 people and I thought if we fed that many people for Christmas we've got a lot of hungry people in this town," says Kathy Keiley.

But the generosity doesn't stop there. The basement is turned into a mini-shopping center offering free clothing to families who otherwise would have nothing.

Noma Page volunteers every Thursday and over the last 4 years has made friends for life.

"We are just here to help the people in need and I just love all of my customers. I look forward to seeing them every Thursday and I've become pretty close to a lot of them," says Page.

Those in the community can barely put into words what the hard working volunteers mean to them.

"They are just very giving, very generous, they just have big hearts."

For opening their hearts, volunteering their time, making sure one small community doesn't go hungry we honor the Cave City Christian Church as this week's Hometown Hero.

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