Hometown Hero: Ed Sweetman

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He is the first and last person a child sees when traveling to and from school. But Ed Sweetman doesn't just drive a bus for Bowling Green Independent Schools, he plays a vital role in improving the districts transportation division.

"He just basically developed our web page for the transportation department, works with the parents teachers and coaches on field trips and getting all the forms filled out and turned in he just has the complete package," says Vehicle and Driver Supervisor David Causey.

Sweetmans hard work was recently recognized. He was named Bus Driver of the Year by the Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation. It was an award that came as a surprise.

"I was very honored. I had no idea that the award was even being considered and I received a telephone call inviting me to the banquet to receive the award and it was just really amazing to me," says Sweetman.

Sweetman also says what continues to be most rewarding is the memories children have of their bus drivers, even years later.

"To be able to see them graduate from the Middle School and see them go into the Senior High School. To even be able to see them when they are out in the community and have somebody come up and say hi to you and that they remember you as their bus driver," says Sweetman.

And it looks like those memories will continue for years to come.

"I enjoy it. I have never missed a day. I look forward to coming to work everyday. I think it is the best job you can have in the state of Kentucky," says Sweetman.

For his continued hard work and dedication to improving the ride to school for the children of Bowling Green we honor Ed Sweetman as this weeks Hometown Hero.

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