Hometown Hero Educates Local Adults

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Mary Ford has spent decades helping local students earn their General Education Diploma.

She first worked as a teacher, but now she is the Director of Adult Education at South Central Kentucky Community and Technology College.

While many educators love working with younger students, Ford has always enjoyed the drive adult learners display.

"That's what I like about teaching and working with adults. They have a goal in mind and they are trying to achieve that goal," says Ford.

Ford's co-workers see her as a woman full of wisdom who goes out of her way to take care of the students and educators.

Andrea Brant, who is an instructor at SCKCTC, says, "She (Ford) works very hard for the students and for the teachers. And she just really provides a lot of inspiration and leadership."

Many adult learners are back in school after years spent in the work force to complete their education, or earn a degree to help them find another job.

For many, earning a GED is a fresh start, or a "second chance" according to Ford.

Completing the GED was necessary to find another job for Ken Blank, and he says that without Ford, he might not have made it.

"She fights really hard to teach these people. Because there are kids and older adults and a GED is really hard to get," says Blank.

After completing his GED, Blank returned to Ford's classroom and thanked her for all she had done.

"I just gave her a big hug and told her thank you."

For her dedication to adult education, we honor Mary Ford as this week's Hometown Hero.

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