Hometown Hero: Goober 95.1 WGGC

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Last week the Goober 95.1 WGGC and the United Way teamed up to put books in the hands of children. For hosting a radiothon and helping the non-profit, we're honoring the team at WGGC as this week's Hometown Heroes.

It's a dream of Dolly Parton's to ensure that all children have books.

Her dream is now an international effort that's supported right here in South Central Kentucky.

The United Way of Southern Kentucky and Goober 95.1 WGGC recently hosted a radiothon to raise money for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

"Anytime our station can be involved in the community and help make a difference in the lives of kids right here where it matters the most is always something to be incredibly proud of," said Moose Michaels, a DJ at WGGC.

The DJ's at WGGC and several volunteers took donations to sponsor children in our area.

"The volunteers are wonderful, they've spent hours on end here and they seem to be excited about being a part of this as well," said Kelly Austin, a DJ at WGGC.

"It's nice to have that sort of partnership that we can all say we're all in this together," said Steve Wallace, the President/CEO of the United Way of Southern KY.

"It's my kid and it's their kids and the relatable part of this job is the most fun and the most rewarding too," said Greg Almond, a DJ for WGGC.

Their efforts raised $7,500 so 250 more children can be enrolled in the program.

"The people at WGGC have been great, very gracious, very good hosts for us. It's something they're very excited about and it's something... helping out with the United Way I hope it becomes a yearly event," said Andrew Rash, a volunteer.

"Having them on board makes it that bigger and better of an event," said Mindy Johnson, a volunteer.

For supporting the children of our community, we honor the team at WGGC and their volunteers as this week's Hometown Heroes.

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