Hometown Hero: John Peter Hook

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Liz Thomas Hook says she will never forget the morning of May 16. It's a day that could have changed her family forever.

"It was about 5:15 in the morning and I had woke up hearing John Peter scream like I have never heard before and I knew something was wrong," says Hook.

When she walked to check on her young son she found the shock of her life.

"As soon as I got into the kitchen I could see the whole entire ceiling, everywhere, was full of smoke and then I saw Hannah getting out of the bed, going towards John Peter and heading out the door," says Hook.

The entire family made it to safety before a fire destroyed their home. Because of the screams from her son, Liz is calling John Peter a hero.

"Absolutely. Because there was so much smoke already in the house and the flames weren't that big when we got out and so I can't imagine if we had been in there five minutes longer," says Hook.

4-year-old John Peter's quick thinking was learned in pre-school, where fire drills are practiced on a weekly basis.

"When the alarm goes off we got out, but it's not on fire," says John Peter.

The Hook family hasn't been to their home since the fire. Liz Thomas Hook says the family lost everything, but she is gracious the local community has come forward to help.

"I never would have dreamed we would have had so much support that we have gotten. It's unreal the amount of people that have reached out to us," says Hook.

For his actions that saved his families life we honor John Peter Hook as this week's Hometown Hero.

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