Hometown Hero: Karen Foley

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She has been a voice for neighbors across Bowling Green for more than 10 years. Neighborhood Services Coordinator Karen Foley says it's interacting with citizens that has made her job a joy.

"There are a lot of different reasons that I do enjoy my job. It gives me a lot of flexibility to meet a lot of different people and to talk about ideas for the community to see some of those things actually come to fruition," says Foley.

Foley's creation of the Bowling Green Coalition of Active Neighborhoods has accomplished many projects that would otherwise go un-noticed, like the re-construction of Old Morgantown Road.

"It's the voice of individual people, not just our elected officials but individual people going about their regular lives doing things that are important to them those impact our community as well so seeing people discover that for themselves is really rewarding," says Foley.

As Neighborhood Services Coordinator, Foley is in constant communication with local agencies like public works and police. Without her problems would take longer to solve.

"I think it would create a huge time gap between neighborhoods and the police department. There probably would be problems that would go by that we didn't know about. Police wouldn't be able to respond to things they don't know are existing," says Officer Ronnie Ward from the Bowling Green Police Department.

Officer Ronnie Ward says Foley is always working to improve Bowling Green.

"Karen is such a dedicated person. It is truly in her heart to have the best interest of the neighborhoods," says Ward.

And for giving many neighbors throughout Bowling Green a voice we honor Karen Foley as this weeks Hometown Hero.

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