Hometown Hero Kathy Meredith

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EDMONSON, Ky. (WBKO) -- Keeping up with the funds of five schools, over 300 employees, and roughly 1,900 students can be a big responsibility.

Schools in Edmonson County believe they have the best of the best overseeing their funds and keeping them on budget.

Kathy Meredith spends her day crunching numbers for Edmonson County Schools.

"I'm responsible for all the financial activity and operations. Payroll, paying all of the bills, approving purchases, pretty much anytime money shifts that is where I come into play," said Meredith.

With every transaction that is made Kathy has to stay on top of her game.

"Whether it be textbooks or athletics, what she does touches every student in our school district," said Tonya Jones a Board Member for the 2nd District.

But for Kathy it's more than just keeping the school system on budget.

"Our teachers do a tremendous job of doing what has to be done in the classroom to help prepare our students for the future. So it's always been my privilege in this position to help support them in that role. I may not have students that I teach, but I try by contributing through my job in a financial capacity to help enable them to do their job better," said Meredith.

She has even gone as far as Washington D.C. to make sure our state leaders know her districts needs.

"I'm apart of an organization called the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools, and we go to Washington 2 times a year. We meet with our Congressional Representatives and explain to them our needs and why the federal dollars are so important to the school districts," said Meredith.

And Kathy's hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

"Her dedication and commitment to the students and employees of Edmonson County School District has been extra extraordinary, she goes above and beyond the call of duty," said Jones.

For working hard to provide opportunities for higher education to the students, through succeeding at her job, we honor Kathy Meredith as this weeks Hometown Hero.

Kathy actually just back from Washington a couple of days ago and said the trip was a success.

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