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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- In the last 15 years the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society has grown tremendously, and much of the community thinks it's because of one Bowling Green woman's passion for making a difference in the animals lives.

Lorri Hare has been around animals her entire life.

"Both my mom and dad were animal lovers, and I just always grew up with animals being apart of our family, but I never thought I would be in the animal welfare business," said Hare.

But that's exactly what happened, after visiting the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society 15 years ago.

"When I first came out they didn't really have a volunteer program and I remember kind of being shocked at that! So I wanted to help and give back, but I was a little nervous that I would leave sad and depressed, but it's actually had a different outcome from me. I always left and felt very rewarded and wanted to keep coming back," said Hare.

She came back so often that now she is the Executive Director and many in the community feel she has turned the place around.

"I've watched in the eight years since we've moved here this facility grow and grow. The transport van that was added, the new building for the clinic, it just all starts with good leadership and that's Lorri," said Diane Kolb a pet adopter.

Since Lorri joined the staff the Humane Society grew in size and numbers.

"We have our new Hotaling Spay and Neuter Clinic, we've got our Hildreth Adoption Center, we have a great transport program. When I first started intakes were about 3,000 animals a year and now we average about 10,000 animals a year. The adoption rate back then was about 12-15 %, maybe and now it's close to 80-85%," said Hare.

Lorri says it would be impossible without all of the support she receives.

"I'm one little piece of a puzzle and I may hold that puzzle together, but there's a hundred other pieces that make it beautiful. I couldn't do it without every single employee, donor, adopter, volunteer. I think they're the best of the best and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else without that support group that we've got. I mean to me the community and the staff are my heroes," said Hare.

Her everyday goal is to save lives.

"When I leave this earth the one thing I hope people can say about me is that I made a difference and whether or not that's in someone's life who is coming in to adopt an animal or one of the animals that's here," said Hare.

For making a difference in the community and to the lives of so many animals, we honor Lorri Hare as this weeks Hometown Hero.

If you are looking for a pet Lorri invites you to come to the Humane Society and adopt a local furry friend.

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