Hometown Hero Madyson Coots

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One little girl in Barren County is being praised for saving a family member. 5 year old Madyson Coots is a spontaneous first grader who is full of life.
She spends her days learning at school and going home to play.

"She is very fun to be around, she always has funny stories to tell, I just enjoy having her in class and she's a very smart girl", said her First Grade Teacher.

At home she has a new baby sister, 3 month old Grayson , and one day she helped save her life.

"Madyson was in there with her sister and noticed that her little sister was turning blue, so she told her mother that she thought something was wrong with the baby and sure enough Laura had checked the baby wasn't breathing she had choked and turned blue", said her Father.

Madyson only had one word to describe how she felt :


Grayson was born premature and has a hard time with her reflexes causing her to sometimes choke.

"I was really scared, and I ended up having to suction her out to get her to breathe, so I'm really glad Madyson came and got me", said her Mother.

Her parents could not be more grateful for their daughter's brave act.

"She's our little hero, she saved her little sister's life. I'm so happy she loves her little sister", says her Mother.

For saving her little sister's life, we honor Madyson Coots as this week's Hometown Hero.