Hometown Hero: Marti Guelde

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For more than 20 years Marti Guelde has been a part of the Warren County Public School District. Currently, she serves as a guidance counselor at South Warren High School.

Her years of service continue to impact faculty and students.

"Everybody realizes that she really goes above and beyond every day," says Student Services Coordinator Chuck Wolfram.

"I don't know what I would do if she wasn't here because she knows all the requirements, she knows everything that will help you get into college," says student Miranda Urban.

Watching each student make the transition from high school to college is what Marti Guelde finds most rewarding.

"That's the best. That's the best. I can't imagine why anybody who works in a high school would not want to be at a graduation ceremony to see the fruit of your labor actually visible right there," says Guelde

Over the years fellow staff have noticed plenty of success stories leaving the halls of South Warren High.

"Really when they walk out of her office they have a game plan and they know how to make their life better and they know how to go about to make things better in their own life," says Wolfram.

Students say those changes in their life are much easier to handle with someone like Ms. Guelde.

"She is so easy to talk to and she always understands exactly what you're going through and it's great," says Urban.

But Guedle says it's just part of her job.

"There is nothing special about what I do at all I'm just doing my job and to every student that could mean something different," says Guelde.

For her dedication in preparing our future leaders for a brighter future we honor Marti Guelde as this week's Hometown Hero.

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