Hometown Hero: Patty Randolph

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You may recognize her Friday mornings on AM Kentucky with the "Pet of the Week". Patty Randolph has a love for animals and colleagues at the Warren County Humane Society say that love is felt as soon as she walks in the door.

"Patty comes in Thursday afternoons, picks up whatever dog or cat, always hugs us always tell us she loves us. She is just a constant reminder of the good things," says Elizabeth Cooper.

Patty wakes up bright and early every Friday bringing the Pet of the Week to WBKO and radio stations across Bowling Green. She volunteers her time to make sure every animal has a chance to find that perfect home.

"I love this. I probably couldn't have done it in my 20's because my life was too busy and I had school activities for my child and so on but now that I am older and retired have plenty of time," says Randolph.

The time that Patty and other volunteers give to the humane society does have a direct affect on the animals as it prepares them for a future home.

"As employees we unfortunately don't get to spend as much time with the animals as we would like to so we really rely heavily on our volunteer base to come in, walk dogs, play with them, get them exposure," says Cooper.

Patty encourages more people to volunteer and adopt a pet. She says her pets as a child helped shape her into the person she is today.

"I really believe children should grow up with pets. If you have a good healthy environment, in fact if your environment is a little bit stressed, a pet can be just the right thing."

For being a dedicated volunteer for over 10 years, finding needy pets a loving home, we honor Patty Randolph as this weeks Hometown Hero.

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