Hometown Hero Tambra Cambron

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BARREN CO, Ky. (WBKO) -- Teachers are responsible for providing education to our little ones, but it's those that go above and beyond to make a difference that should be recognized.

Many at South Green Elementary say they are blessed to have a teacher like Tambra Cambron.

"She provides an avenue for students to be exposed to a wide range of the arts through music, drama, and she just genuinely cares about the progress and to see students fall in love with that aspect," said Chad Muhlenkamp the Principal.

Mrs. Cambron is the music teacher there and put tireless hours into her classroom as well as choir and the drama club.

"There is a lot of stuff to keep up with, there is so many things to do, but she orchestrates it in such a way that it seems seamless and it just goes off without a hitch! I couldn't imagine trying to organize that many kids at one time and to keep up with that many things," said Jennifer Crews a parent.

Parents say they have seen their children grow not only academically, but as a person after working with Mrs. Cambron.

"I have seen all the other students that their self esteem through her love and dedication to them, grows with every year. It's to the point that she can make those children feel like they can accomplish anything that they set their mind too," said Crews.

Mrs. Cambron says not only does she want to give the children a since of rhythm and melody, but confidence within themselves.

"I hope that by the time a 5th grader leaves here, they will have experiences where they've been on stage, and they feel good about themselves. I want them to feel like they've been a part of a team and that they fit in with a group. Above all I want them to leave here with confidence knowing that they can do whatever they set they're mind too," said Cambron.

Mrs. Cambron says she is more than grateful to have her job.

"I feel very loved. I feel that I have great support here. I do try my best to be the best role model that I can be and I am really thankful that people recognize that," said Cambron.

For not only providing the proper criteria, but for helping each and every student she works with to grow as a person, we honor Tambra Cambron as this weeks Hometown Hero.

Since Mrs. Cambron has been at South Green Elementary several of her students have been recognized to participate in the All State Choir.

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