Hometown Hero: Tammy Duke Paull

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Tammy Duke Paull isn't your average event planner. While she plans your typical weddings and parties, she has taken her skills to a whole new level planning fundraising events to support dozens of charities across the area.

"I've always had a passion for giving back whether to be to animals or children. I just always feel like and I always tell people one person can make a difference," says Tammy Duke Paull.

On the day we met with Tammy she delivered a check to the Barren River Animal Welfare Association and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The money was raised from her most recent event "Party with a Purpose", which was also her 30th birthday. Instead of gifts guests were asked to donate to the two charities.

"It wasn't to be about me. We did a cake walk, we did a live auction, we had dancing and music and we just raised a lot of money," says Paull.

Staff at BRAWA and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation say that caring attitude, putting others first, is what makes Tammy so special.

"It's so selfless and I think it is a lovely idea. We have had children do that before who have their birthday parties here and they bring presents for the animals but this is the first time I think we have had an adult who had a party and and asked people to bring donations for her two favorite charities," says Margie Patton.

"It was amazing to see somebody get involved with something as simple as a birthday party. It's above and beyond with her."

Tammy continues to take her charitable attitude above and beyond by starting her own foundation, Ava's Lemons of Life. Their mission is to provide a voice for those without such as animals and children.

Tammy says it's easy for anyone to become involved in charity work as long as you find something right for you.

"You find what you are passionate about and do whatever you can to make a difference because at the end of the day one person can make a difference," says Paull.

For being that person making a difference for charities throughout the area we honor Tammy Duke Paull as this weeks Hometown Hero.

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